Odin Development Compass.  Best in People.  

You’re creating, building or changing a team.  You want the best possible return on your investment.  Your time, money and what’s best for your people. 

You need to know everyone’s strengths, potential and weaknesses.  You must assess how they’ll work most productively together.  Now and in the future.  


We give you unrivalled clarity.

The Odin Development Compass, the ODC, is an amazingly insightful and clever system.  

Embedded in Jungian psychology, it uses archetypal images to tap into the unconscious.  It goes deeply into the personality and your inherent preferences.

It offers much more than standard self-reporting tools, where people consciously describe what they think they’re good at.

Thanks to the ODC, you’ll see your people’s strengths and untapped potential very clearly.   You’ll understand how best to build a high performance team and the pitfalls to avoid when developing your staff.