Junior ODC (Saga)

Teenagers and young people all over the world will benefit from discovering their strengths and untapped potential.

In order to make this happen, we are offering the teenager ODC Free Premium to large educational institutions which focus on talent development in teenagers. To find out more about the Free Premium offer, get in touch with us.

In accordance with professional ethics in youth care, please note that only ODC Teenager professionals may work with the teenage ODC.  An ethics committee has been set up to ensure the proper application of legal frameworks and ethical rules of conduct when working with minors.

In order to be certified as a teenage coach, ODC Level 1 and Level 2 training will be required, and membership of a relevant professional association (such as ICF) is mandatory.

To be certified as a teenage ODC therapist the same requirements will apply, along with membership of a relevant professional association. These associations have their own code of ethics to which coaches and therapists must conform in order to guarantee professional practice.