Odin Academy is the sole training organization for ODC measurement. To date, we have certified more than 2,500 people.

Our training courses have been developed to guarantee the quality and consistency of ODC measurement worldwide.
Each student receives a 1-hour initial interview, during which we’ll discuss how training will fit in with your professional work environment.

ODC Level 1

ODC Level 1 training teaches you how to interpret ODC measurement. It enables you to provide accurate insight into people’s natural strengths, untapped potential and possible pitfalls.

The training course will benefit HR professionals, career counsellors, people managers, coaches and consultants.

Course duration: 2 ½ days

ODC Level 2

ODC Level 2 is open to those who have already completed Level 1 training. The course teaches you a coaching methodology based on the analytical psychology of Carl Jung.

Using ODC measurement, you’ll learn how to uncover the themes, patterns and the blocks that prevent people developing their talents.

This intensive training course will benefit professional coaches who wish to work at an in-depth level with their clients.

Course duration: 6 days


Our masterclasses are for ODC certified professionals who have completed Level 1 or Level 2 training.

For details of masterclasses, take a look at our training agenda.

Masterclasses will benefit those already working with ODC measurement who want to develop and expand their knowledge.

Course duration: ½ day


ODC level 1 training will allow you to use the title `ODC certified professional’.

To monitor the quality of ODC certified professionals, each course has an intake procedure and includes a written test. When you have met the quality standard, you will be certified by Odin Academy.

The knowledge of the ODC certified professionals is tested annually. If the results are good, the certification will be extended.

ODC Community

The ODC Community is a network of certified ODC professionals. The network includes a variety of professionals, including HR consultants, consultants, analytical coaches, recruiters, team coaches, MD advisors, career coaches and strategic consultants.

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