Odin Company was established to enable people worldwide to use the ODC measurement to discover and develop their full potential.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious,

it will direct your life and you will call it fate. “

C.G. Jung

Our focus is on research and further development of the ODC measurement and the SHR (Strategic HR system) and on the development of customized dashboards for the customer.

The ODC measurement and the SHR system are also available in English and German, and will shortly be available in French.


Validation and reliability

All images used in the ODC measurement have been validated, which means they’re guaranteed to do their intended job – measuring someone’s unconscious drives.

The test-retest reliability is particularly high compared to other measuring instruments. A person’s choice of images and competencies remains the same and in the retest the unconscious drives are consistent.

For more information about the scientific substantiation of the ODC measurement, please contact Odin Company.

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Terms of delivery



Odin Company and the General Data Protection Regulation

Since January 2016, GPDR has been given a stricter interpretation. The General Data Protection Regulation includes the duty to report data leaks, and to comply with 24 other statutory obligations.
Odin Company fully subscribes to the importance of GPDR and has reported the existence of the ODC database to the Dutch authority in charge of the Dutch Data Protection Act.
Odin Company actively fulfils the requirements of the law and has incorporated GPDR into the ODC software wherever necessary.

For example, any ODC candidate undertaking a refresh measurement will have to give permission in advance to re-use the first measurement. We will also request permission from the candidate before releasing the outcome of the first measurement to an ODC certified professional.

All our data is double-encrypted to prevent hackers having access to any personal data.

Different authorization levels have been incorporated into our ODC software system. This means that a consultant can view only the personal data and the measurements of his or her own candidates.

Odin Company has an agreement with all its resellers, in which the requirements of GPDR are clearly translated into workable agreements.

GPDR stipulates that data protection is included in products and services ‘in design’ and ‘by default’, whereby resellers are ‘accountable’. Through an active Privacy & Security policy Odin Company guarantees that data protection within the ODC web domains of its resellers and customers